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Our free to access QI Boxset, Series 3 will introduce you to benchmarking and show you why it is an important part of Quality Improvement. 

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National anonymised audit tools to assist in benchmarking

These tools can assist with clinical audit and help you compare your results with the national average. 

A simple audit for practices to share their data anonymously to establish UK benchmarks in post-operative complications rates for neutering of small animals. 

Watch the video below for a handy how-to guide for those working within the veterinary professions on using the National Audit for Small Animal Neutering. 

A registry for the surgical management of Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture in UK canines. The registry provides feedback to clinicians in order to evaluate which surgical techniques and implants lead to improved patient outcomes and minimised complications.

An audit freely available to all, run by the University of Liverpool’s Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network (SAVSNET) for UK practices to share their data anonymously to establish benchmarks for antibiotic prescription rates for small animal patients. Data can be from an individual practitioner, a branch practice, or from the whole practice group.

Adapted from the original IHI framework, this resource is intended to support leaders within the veterinary sector in introducing the Joy in Work concept to their teams. The conversation guide will support you in setting up initial and continuing conversations with your team to identify any workplace frustrations, or ‘pebbles in your shoes’, and to engage and empower the team to identify potential solutions.

This document included examples of Quality Improvement principles and tools which can be implemented within your practice to form your clinical governance plan. You should adapt this for your own practice, or local circumstances. Once downloaded, please 'save as' and reopen from your saved location [Word Doc 174KB] (Published July 2021).


Benchmarking case examples

This award winning case example shows how post-operative neutering complications were monitored using the National Audit for Small animal Neutering via Complications were cut down by half by assessing hygiene and post operative care guidelines. Louise Northway VNCert(ECC) NCert(Anaesth) RVN became a Knowledge Champion for the second year running due to her work on this continuous quality improvement cycle [PDF 781KB] (Published March 2020).

Updated 13/08/2021