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Awarded Bursaries

Bursary award winners for Skills Day 2017: Quality Improvement in Practice

RCVS Knowledge is committed to making our conferences accessible to all members of the veterinary community – as such – we are proud to have offered a range of bursaries and awards to give a wide range of people a chance to attend.

The Skills Day 2017 bursaries were kindly sponsored by MediVet. Award winners of the Skills Day 2017 bursary were:

  • MedivetAlison Mann
  • Rebecca Jones
  • Barbara Portal
  • Jolene Lightman
  • Louise Buckley
  • Tomas Sernius
  • Mary Kate Farrell

Skills Day 2017 Bursary Winners

Bursary award winners for Veterinary Evidence Today 2016

VET 2016 Evidence Awards dinner

Award winners of the Veterinary Evidence Today 2016 bursary were:

Early Career Bursary

  • Adam Swallow

Veterinary Nursing Bursary

  • Louise Buckley
  • Jill Macdonald
  • Alison Mann

Student Bursary

  • Cherry Phypers
  • David Mills

Information Specialist Bursary

  • Suzanne Fricke

Returners Bursary

  • Dr Susie Jackson

As part of the award, some bursary holders have contributed towards a fit-for-publication Knowledge Summary to Veterinary Evidence.

Bursary award winners for Skills Day 2015

EBVM Skills Day bursary holders

RCVS Knowledge was delighted to offer bursaries to veterinary students and veterinary nurses for EBVM Skills Day.

The bursaries awarded to veterinary students provided a ticket to Skills Day and reimbursement of travel costs for attending the event. As part of the award, successful applicants completed a Knowledge Summary using the new EBVM Learning resource - launched at the event.

The bursaries were awarded to:

  • Mr Peter Kilfeather - University of Bristol
  • Ms Andrea Faure Beaulieu - University of Zurich
  • Ms Valentine Jacot - University of Zurich
  • Ms Alexandra Penelas - University of Zurich

RCVS Knowledge also provided bursaries for veterinary nurses:

  • Ms Susan Badger
  • Mrs Debbie Gray
  • Mrs Rebecca Jones
  • Ms Donna Lewis
  • Miss Jill MacDonald
  • Mrs Alison Mann
  • Miss Hayley Walters
  • Miss Stephanie Worsley

Our event partners Vets4Pets & Companion Care kindly sponsored several veterinary staff members from Harper Adams University to attend Skills Day. These bursaries were awarded to:

  • Vets4Pets and Companion Care Vets logoDr Louise Buckley
  • Ms Caroline Bromley
  • Mrs Helen Cartlidge
  • Ms Helen Gauchwin
  • Mrs Susan Howarth
  • Ms Victoria Johnson
  • Ms Suzanne May
  • Ms Bethan Pinhey
  • Ms Alison Pyatt
  • Ms Faye Reade

Bursary award winners for EBVM 2014

Skills Day 2014

RCVS Knowledge was delighted to offer bursaries to veterinary students, veterinary nurses and veterinary professionals based in low or low-middle income economies for EBVM 2014.

The bursaries were awarded to:

  • Jackie Belle
  • Zoe Belshaw
  • Fiona Brown
  • Jeff Bullock
  • Sarah Caddy
  • James Crilly
  • Alison Devonshire
  • Marco Duz
  • Douglas Grindlay
  • Hannah Robbins
  • Deanna Johnson
  • Noel Kennedy
  • Nicola Kerbyson
  • Jennifer Kirwan
  • Madeleine Mattin
  • Liesbeth Meijndert
  • Heather Moberly
  • Hamdin Mohammed
  • Nina Müßig
  • Haifang Ni
  • Daniel O’Neill
  • Emma Place
  • Holly Ravenhall
  • Imogen Richens
  • Amand Floriaan Schmidt
  • Charles Spicer-Jenkins
  • Jennifer Summers
  • Tehetna Teklewolde
  • Martin Tomlinson
  • Lindey Van de Reep
  • Katie Waine
  • Claire Wylie
  • Kenichiro Yagi