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VetTeamAMR for Equine Practice

VetTeamAMR provides equine veterinary teams with knowledge, resources and tools to make positive changes in their antimicrobial prescribing.

Led by our Equine Clinical Lead, VetTeamAMR includes:

  • Our free VetTeamAMR Audit Tool helps teams to gather data to make the right, evidence-based decisions for their patients. This tool supports case-by-case reflection for patients having been prescribed antibiotics, as well as looking at wider practice use. Clients can be invited to report on treatment outcomes, allowing teams to see how antimicrobial prescriptions can be improved for specific clinical presentations. This is complemented by the ability to upload practice use data in bulk from one week, or month, to the next to allow for constant analysis and prospective planning for improvement in antimicrobial prescribing behaviours.

Access our free VetTeamAMR Audit Tool

  • Our free VetTeamAMR Learning Platform is focused on improving antimicrobial stewardship in practice. The resources encompass a wide spectrum of practical, relevant, and applicable information, including what is antimicrobial resistance, how we categorise antibiotics, how to perform in-house cytology and antibiotic use for specific clinical presentations.

Access our free VetTeamAMR Learning Platform

"I am very excited about VetTeamAMR. We know that the majority of equine practices have implemented antimicrobial use guidelines, and we hope that through working with RCVS Knowledge, we can further increase the use of guidelines such as 'PROTECT ME' and build upon them to further reduce and refine antimicrobial use in the equine sector. It is fantastic to see such great collaboration on this issue across the profession." 

David Rendle, BEVA President-Elect

How to get involved in VetTeamAMR

VetTeamAMR Equine Clinical Lead


Tim MairTim is Equine Clinical Lead for VetTeamAMR. He also works as a clinician at the Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic in Kent and is Equine Veterinary Director of the CVS Group. His clinical interests include equine internal medicine, soft tissue surgery and advanced imaging. He is a past President of the British Equine Veterinary Association and is Editor-in-Chief of Equine Veterinary Education. He is a previous trustee of RCVS Knowledge and is passionate about clinical research, Quality Improvement. evidence-based medicine and environmental sustainability.


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