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Evidence Awards

VET 2016 Evidence Awards dinner

RCVS Knowledge is pleased to announce The Evidence Awards – celebrating excellence in the theory and practice of EBVM.

Awards were presented at the Evidence Awards ceremony, held at Veterinary Evidence Today: the 2016 EBVM Network conference.

The Dame Olga Uvarov Award for Best Article published in Veterinary Evidence

Brittany Jean CarrThe award for the best article was presented to Brittany Jean Carr – whose paper was full of useful information for vets in practice dealing with canine cruciate ligament insufficiency, where surgery may not be possible.

Carr, B. J. et al. (2016) The use of canine stifle orthotics for cranial cruciate ligament insufficiency. Veterinary Evidence, 1(1), DOI:

The Graham-White Award for the best Knowledge Summary produced by a primary care practitioner published in Veterinary Evidence

Valentine JacotThe award for the best Knowledge Summary was presented to Valentine Jacot who has contributed to the veterinary community by producing a relevant, well written and practical Knowledge Summary entitled β€œAre Old Dogs Who Undergo Total Hip Replacement More Predisposed to Perioperative Femoral Fractures than Young Dogs?”.

Jacot, V. (2016) Are old dogs who undergo total hip replacement more predisposed to perioperative femoral fractures than young dogs? Veterinary Evidence, 1(2),

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Poster Prize

  • 2nd Place was presented to Sarah Allen, Dr David Brodbelt, Prof. Josh Slater and Dr Kristien Verheyen of the Royal Veterinary College, for their poster on "Generating evidence through practice-based equine health surveillance".
  • 3rd Place was presented to Dr Marios Charalambous of University College London, Miss Sara Shivapour from Iowa State University, and Dr David Brodbelt and Prof. Holger Volk from the Royal Veterinary College for their poster on "Antiepileptic drugs' tolerability and safety - a systematic review and meta-analysis of adverse effects in dogs"

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