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A handy infographic that explains the process of creating local practice guidelines. Ideal to print! (PDF Doc)

You can use this template to structure your own practice guidelines. Once downloaded, please 'save as' and reopen from your saved location (Word Doc)

This list of consensus guidelines can be used to signpost you to clinical guidelines that may be of use. These guidelines are available online and have been selected because they have been created by experts in the relevant field and are based on published evidence (PDF Doc).


Guideline Case Examples

The following case examples show how guidelines can be developed in practice

This award-winning case example shows how the Blue Cross developed guidelines within the practice to deliver a consistent approach to diagnosis and treatment throughout the charity for more than 60 common syndromes and conditions. Alison Thomas BVSc CertSAM MRCVS won an RCVS Knowledge Champion Award in 2019 for her work in this area (PDF Doc).

This case example shows how one practice created guidelines for the use of suture material during feline spays (PDF Doc).