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Trustee recruitment pack

10 May 2024 - 954KB PDF
Trustee recruitment pack

Measuring and improving our quality of care

12 April 2024 - 946KB PDF
This flow chart shows how Quality Improvement (QI) is all part of a process, and how each QI initiative can interlink with the other to help us measure and improve our quality of care.

Veterinary Evidence Student Awards 2023 podcast

11 April 2024 - 1498KB PDF
Dr Kit Sturgess, former Editor-in-Chief of Veterinary Evidence, spoke with the two of the winners of our 2023 Veterinary Evidence Student Awards.

NASAN Benchmark Report 2023

8 April 2024 - 1714KB PDF
Benchmark report for the National Audit for Small Animal Neutering (NASAN) 2023.

We encourage sharing this information. You must give credit for using this resource, or any data from it, by citing, for example: RCVS Knowledge (2024) National Audit for Small Animal Neutering Report 2023. [Online] Available at:
You should not edit this resource in any way.
This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 International.

*Knowledge Award Quality Improvement 2021 Highly-Commended* The 'Golden Patient': Improving Theatre Efficiency

5 April 2024 - 194KB PDF
Mark Morton, BVSc DSAS(Orth) MRCVS, who was employed at Chestergates Veterinary Specialists at the time of this QI initiative, introduced a 'Golden Patient' as an incentive for the team to improve theatre efficiency.

Mark won an RCVS Knowledge Highly Commended Award in 2021 for his work.

*Knowledge Award Quality Improvement 2022 Highly-Commended* Review of Dental X-ray Machine Use

5 April 2024 - 403KB PDF
Filham Park used clinical audit to review their use of the dental x-ray machine, identifying gaps in x-ray provision and providing clients with appropriate estimates. Training was implemented to improve skills and confidence, leading to an increase in service provision on repeat audit, and increased client satisfaction.

The team were awarded Highly Commended in 2022 for their work.

QI Boxset: Using Systems Thinking to Reduce Errors

22 March 2024 - 234KB PDF
In this webinar transcript, Pam Mosedale, RCVS Knowledge Chair of the Quality Improvement Advisory Board, talks us through how involving the whole team in designing work systems can help reduce the chances of errors occurring. Pam covers the QI tools available to help design systems and evaluate their effectiveness.

QI Boxset: Immersive Simulation for Team Training transcript

19 March 2024 - 223KB PDF
In this webinar transcript, Kristina and Patrick Pollock from the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Medicine, introduce the concept of immersive simulation as a method of training in safety-critical industries to learn from experience without going through the real event. Immersive simulation provides opportunities where we can practice our skills without risk to our patients.

Kristina and Patrick talk us through how we can use this tool in practice, discussing the advantages it can have for ensuring the safety of our patients, as well as the wellbeing of our teams.

QI Boxset: Non-technical Skills for Safer Care transcript

19 March 2024 - 245KB PDF
In this webinar transcript, Helen Silver-MacMahon, RVN and Co-Founder and Director of Being Human Consulting Ltd, discusses the non-technical skills identified as important across all safety-critical industries. Helen explores the tools that support the use of non-technical skills and how they can help prevent errors in clinical practice.

International Women's Day 2024: Podcast Transcript

12 March 2024 - 224KB PDF
This is a transcript of a podcast recorded for International Women's Day 2024.
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