Significant event audit

SEA course thumbSignificant Event Audit course
Find out how to put 'significant events' to good use by evaluating them and embedding your findings in practice.



pdf-icon006 SEA Walkthrough
This walkthrough will take you through the key stages involved in preparing, holding a meeting and writing up a significant event.



word-icon004 SEA Report Template
This template will assist you in structuring your first significant event audit (SEA). (Once downloaded, please 'save as' and reopen from saved location.)



pdf-iconSignificant Event Audit Case Study: Fentanyl CRI overdose
This case study details a significant event audit that was completed in practice after a patient received an opioid overdose. It is useful to see the steps undertaken to complete the audit, and what information was discovered that lead to the cause of the event.


word-iconContributory factors checklist
If you are already implementing significant event audits and are looking for further tools to develop this area, using this checklist will help you identify the root causes of an event. (Once downloaded, please 'save as' and reopen from saved location.)