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International Colic Surgery Audit

INCISE is the INternational ColIc SurgEry audit project, an international collaboration between equine veterinary clinics across the world. The project's aim is to improve the global quality of care and outcomes for horses and their owners following colic surgery.




Who is this for?

INCISE involves equine hospitals based all over the world that are collaborating by collecting information about horses admitted to clinics for assessment and treatment of colic. This confidential international study investigates the ways in which horses with colic can be best treated to give them the greatest chance of surviving.

What will INCISE show me?

The audit tool enables participating clinics to enter their data and monitor colic outcomes in a simple and confidential way. Once clinics have been registered, data can be entered quickly and easily, and key outcome measures can be easily generated for specific time periods (e.g. monthly, quarterly or annually).

In addition, the data that has been recorded for your clinic can be downloaded and used for your own monitoring purposes. The INCISE team will generate summaries of the key outcome measures by country and across countries as key benchmarks that clinics can compare themselves to.

QI Boxset: The International Colic Surgery Audit

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