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Veterinary achievements in disease control


Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia
Epizootic  lymphangitis
Glanders (farcy)*
Parasitic mange (horses)
Rinderpest (cattle plague)
Sheep pox
Swine fever


Bovine spongiform encephalopathy*
Bovine (and avian) tuberculosis*
Duck virus hepatitis
Foot-and-mouth disease
Fowl pest (fowl plague and Newcastle disease)
Influenza, avian and swine*
Sheep scab

Subject to investigation

Bovine mastitis
Bovine infertility
Johne’s disease
Nutritional disease(s)


All the above diseases subject to State Legislation or intervention.


Additionally canine distemper has been (currently) virtually eradicated as a result of veterinary vaccination programmes and equine influenza is also well controlled by voluntary vaccination.

*diseases communicable to man

Compiled by Bruce Vivash Jones, Senior Vice Chairman of the Veterinary History Society, in July 2010, and reproduced with his permission.

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