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Plan Prevent Protect

We need to safeguard our resources and to do that successfully, we need to think more laterally than simply using medicines responsibly. A holistic approach is fundamental.

PLAN (Plan ahead - know the risks and disease threats)
PREVENT (Prevent disease threats - review animal management and husbandry)
PROTECT (Protect your patients and the wider population)


Plan - Work with your clients to plan ahead. Consider individual patients as well as cohorts and groups. Consider their diet and condition. Are they fit and healthy? What is their breed and how might this affect the risks? Think of the unexpected and create a dynamic and responsive contingency plan.

Prevent – Consider your patient’s environment. Is it clean, dry and ventilated? How well is their husbandry managed? Could hygiene be improved? Aim to prevent unnecessary disease.

Protect - Protect your patients through good colostrum and comprehensive vaccination. Protect our resources through responsible use and proactive culture and sensitivity testing.

Work together. Encourage and support each other.
Learn from one another, update your training and better your practice.