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Welcome to QI Vets! QI Vets is a fictional team, but based on true stories from UK practices, created by the Case Example Working Party to help you apply QI to real situations.

QI Vets has a small animal hospital, a large animal department, an emergency out-of-hours department and is also a training practice. As you can imagine it gets quite busy at times!

The team at QI Vets are passionate about the care they provide, and want to make sure they are doing the best for their patients, clients and colleagues. This doesn't mean they are perfect; mistakes can, and have, happened. Each time an event, or near miss, occurs, the team get together to discuss the incident and make any changes necessary to continuously improve as a whole. When this happens you can read their case example and see exactly how quality improvement benefits real situations.


Drawing of a vet and vet nurse holding catsFluid overload in a kitten

When a sick, stray kitten was found, the team worked together to treat his dehydration. However, the patient ended up suffering from fluid overload.

This case example shows how the team came together to find out how this error occurred, and they could do to prevent it from happening again (PDF Doc).

CPD: 27 minutes

You can also read the case in the Vet Times. RCVS Knowledge (2019) Significant Event Auditing: QI Vets: Fluid Overload. Veterinary Times, 49 (29)





Case Example Working Party


The RCVS Knowledge Case Example Working Party consists of Pam Mosedale, Laura Playforth and Angela Rayner.