Our commitment to quality improvement

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Our Quality Improvement Project is RCVS Knowledge's commitment to the continuous advancement of veterinary care.

We have long been encouraged by the positive impact of quality improvement (QI) and the overwhelming evidence of how it has improved other industries. We were excited enough to tell you about our commitment to it in October 2017, and now we are delighted to finally unveil to you our Quality Improvement Project.  

The Project is about supporting safe, effective, client- and patient-centred, timely, efficient and evidence-based care. By setting up systematic, measurable approaches to continuous quality improvement, we believe that we can reduce avoidable errors, save lives and share, maintain and advance best practice. 

We have been and currently are working with veterinary teams to identify the resources needed by the profession. With your help, we have developed practical tools to be used at the point of care, allowing busy veterinary teams to include a consideration of the best available evidence in a manner that supplements and supports clinical decision making. 

“The resources we have created ensure that practices can embark on implementing QI quickly and simply, and improve clinical outcomes in the long run.”

Dr Bradley Viner

Our free-to-use materials include step-by-step guides and training materials, practical templates, checklists and examples taken from real-life situations reported by veterinary teams. Take a look at the available resources to continue or begin your journey into continual improvement.  


Our aim is to help you in the following key areas of quality improvement:

  • Clinical Audit
  • Benchmarking
  • Significant Event Audit
  • Guidelines
  • Checklists

It is vital that the provisions we provide are dictated by the needs of the veterinary profession and, as such, more will be added during the course of ongoing discussions with the community.

If you would like support in a particular area of QI - or you just have some examples of resources you would like us to develop - we encourage you to get in touch using the forms on the 'Tools and resources' page.