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inFOCUS: Journal watch

inFOCUS offers an easy way to stay up to date with the latest developments in veterinary research.

inFOCUS is our journal watch, providing practitioners with independent summaries of the latest research that has the potential to impact patient care. We also provide guided checklists to enable you to use some of these papers as the basis of journal club discussions in your practice, and Spotlight features on specific clinically relevant topics.

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Journal Watch

The bi-monthly journal watch reviews over 100 veterinary journals for newly-published evidence, including all the major peer-reviewed journals, as well as specialist sources and other outlets. Articles and papers highlighted in inFOCUS are shortlisted through assessment of their overall quality and relevance to the general practitioner. They are chosen based on their individual qualities and not on the reputation of the publications publishing them.

Articles are assessed by our independent Clinical Review Team, who score them against set criteria relating to relevance, quality, and interest to the veterinary practitioner. The top-scoring articles are then reviewed and summarised with analysis to help the busy practitioner stay up to date with the latest evidence. Read our editorial policy and process in full. 

The summaries are published every two months on the inFOCUS website and are distributed by email to our fast-growing subscriber base. Subscribe to get every edition of inFOCUS sent directly to your inbox.

Journal Clubs

Practice-based journal clubs are an excellent way for veterinary professionals to critically appraise relevant evidence, develop new guidelines and protocols and implement evidence in practice.

Our journal club resources provide guidance in setting up and running journal clubs in practice, as well as offering regular suggested reading material and checklists to guide discussions. Access the materials.

Learn more about setting up and running a journal club in practice, by watching this webinar by Sally Everitt, inFOCUS Clinical Support Lead.

In the Spotlight

Our ‘In the Spotlight’ features bring together relevant publications on a range of topics that are likely to impact veterinary practice. Relevant papers, guidance, and more provide an easily accessible overview of these topics, allowing practitioners to access the latest evidence and make evidence-based decisions.

Past topics include the benefits and risks of neutering, COVID-19 and animals, and much more, catch up now. 

Work with us

We are always looking to grow our review team and expand our coverage into different areas of practice. Help us ensure the most important evidence reaches the veterinary community by becoming a clinical reviewer (it counts towards your CPD). We are particularly looking for those involved in farm and equine practice to become Clinical Reviewers. Find out more.

Hear from Yaiza Gómez Mejías, member of our Clinical Review team, about why to volunteer.