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Target Grants 1: the veterinary caseload

Target board

A total of £40,000 was awarded by RCVS Knowledge towards research on the nature and composition of the veterinary caseload in different practices across the globe.These 8 projects analysed over 1.3 million veterinary clinical records from first opinion practices.

This first round of Target Grants was designed to support projects which could retrospectively look at the veterinary caseload in small animal, equine and livestock practices and rank presenting complaints, diagnosis and interventions by order of frequency.

The results of this study will allow RCVS Knowledge to prioritise the work of the EBVM Network, by highlighting the most relevant research themes and locating the main evidence gaps. This in turn will allow a more efficient use of funds and resources for scientific research - building a strong evidence-base where it is most needed.

To find out more about the context, results and conclusions of Target Grants I, a short report is available in the ‘related documents’ box to the right. Most of the Target Grant holders will also be presenting their findings at EBVM 2014