Knowledge Awards: Quality Improvement in Practice


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We are delighted to bring you the Knowledge Awards for 2020, focused on continuous quality improvement (QI).


Who is eligible for this award?

The award is open to anyone who works within the veterinary industry. We are particularly interested in applications from a practice setting including, but not limited to, those from the administration team, veterinary nurses, practice managers and surgeons at all levels.


What is the award for?

The award aims to recognise those individuals and teams who are focusing on driving continuous improvements in practice for better outcomes for their patients, better service provision to their clients, an improved business case or better working conditions for the team. Winners will be announced in early 2020.


Application for an award on behalf of yourself or your practice

You can apply for yourself, on behalf of your practice team or nominate a colleague.

Apply for a QI awardTo apply yourself or on behalf of your practice: please download and complete the application form, providing your details and writing your case example about your QI initiative before 29th November 2019.


Nominate a colleague or a team

Nominate a colleagueTo nominate a colleague or a team: please download and complete the short nomination form, providing your details, your nominee's details and a summary of no more than 200 words explaining why you have nominated this individual/team before 17th October 2019.

Once we receive this, we will contact the nominee directly, inviting them to complete this nominee form. On this form, the nominee will give us a more detailed insight into their QI initiative by writing a case example. This will be presented to our review panel alongside the other applications.

Both applicants and nominees will need to read the terms and conditions of the award.

All the documents you need are available to download at the bottom of this page. Please send the completed documents to us by email ( or by post.


What happens if my application is selected as a winner?

If your application/nomination is successful, the applicant/nominee will become a Knowledge Champion and will receive a £250 prize. The successful applicant/nominee will also be invited to attend an awards ceremony and will be reimbursed up to £200 towards reasonable travel costs to attend the event at which this ceremony is held. If a winning application was made for a practice – rather than an individual – then a representative from the practice will be invited to attend the awards ceremony.

All applicants are encouraged to work with Knowledge to share their experiences in applying QI, be it through our blog, publishing in our journal Veterinary Evidence, or maybe even presenting at a conference!



For nominations: 17th October 2019.

For an application (whether you have applied directly or have been nominated): 29th November 2019.

We anticipate that this will give you some time to initiate an improvement in your workplace (if you have not already) and to gather enough information to see if the change has made a difference.


Want to know more about QI?

If you would like to know more about QI, take a look at our resources on guidelines, clinical audit, significant event audit, checklists and benchmarking, listen to our QI-focused podcasts and read commentaries on QI from different perspectives – these are all available in the quality improvement section of our website.

You can undertake free short online courses on creating guidelines, clinical audit and significant event audit and can revisit these at any time.

If you are new to QI, watch our three-minute video to introduce you to the subject and refer to our helpful QI glossary which offers an explanation of key terms.

We are constantly adding more resources to support you with your practice improvements. If you would like to stay up-to-date with new tools as they become available, please let us know.


Our previous champions

Take a look at the winning QI case examples for our previous round of Knowledge Awards (2019). These QI initiatives focused on the following areas:

  • undertaking clinical audits, setting and reviewing protocols based on evidence, and instigating their discussion and adoption by the entire practice team;
  • developing an annual controlled drugs audit;
  • delivering a consistent approach to diagnosis and treatment by developing guidelines and
  • undertaking quarterly clinical audits and providing tailored training for nurses to elevate the practice’s general anaesthesia and sedation monitoring.