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AMR discussion opens new podcast series

22 November 2019

RCVS Knowledge has launched a series of podcasts tackling the big issues facing veterinary medicine, starting with a roundtable chaired by the UK Chief Vet Christine Middlemiss on antimicrobial resistance, to coincide with World Antibiotic Awareness Week (18th-24th November).

‘The Knowledge Sessions’ bring together specialists from across the industry to examine the landscape, propose potential approaches to complex problems, and provide practical advice on a range of subjects.

The first discussion considers the challenges of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and the possible strategies to overcome it. In particular, which measures are currently in place, and which are working? What can the UK learn from other countries currently leading the way in tackling AMR? And who is responsible for instigating widespread change? 

Joining Professor Middlemiss to discuss these crucial questions are:

  • Ian Battersby – Head of Internal Medicine at Davies Veterinary Specialists and Chairman of the board of trustees at Mission Rabies
  • Steve Howard – Head of Clinical Services at PDSA
  • Kristen Reyher – Reader in Veterinary Epidemiology and Population Health, and leader of the AMR Force research group at the University of Bristol
  • David Singleton – epidemiologist specialising in antimicrobial resistance in companion animals and the surveillance of antibiotic prescribing, SAVSNET

You can listen to the conversation below or by searching for ‘RCVS Knowledge Podcasts’ on your favourite platform.

Follow the transcript while you listen.

Subsequent episodes in the series will feature a breadth of high-profile experts sharing thoughts and experiences on topical subjects, including:

  • the benefits of corporatisation on clinical outcomes and quality
  • ethics and animal welfare
  • the role of quality improvement in veterinary regulation
  • research as a practitioner: the benefits and how to get involved
  • the role and value of checklists in a clinical environment
  • what veterinary medicine can learn from human medicine.

The Knowledge Sessions add a new dimension to the charity’s podcast offering, which to date has accumulated more than 25,000 downloads across clinical lectures, presentations and bite-sized audio summaries of evidence.

“We are delighted to have brought together such varied and informed voices from across the sector for what we believe are essential discussions around the critical challenges faced by a 21st century veterinary industry,” said RCVS Knowledge’s Executive Director, Chris Gush.

“It is our hope that veterinary professionals – current and upcoming – will find these podcasts invaluable, eye-opening and thoughtful.”

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