EBVM Matters

In a first for the profession, 15 of the major UK member organisations, vet schools and policy-making bodies have come together to affirm their commitment to veterinary medicine based on sound scientific principles.

EBVM Matters front cover

Their commitment is published in Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine Matters: Our Commitment to the Future – a new landmark publication produced by RCVS Knowledge and the charity Sense about Science.

It is set in the context of 14 case studies that showcase the impact of standout veterinary research and evidence in the 20th and 21st centuries. Spanning small animal, farm, equine, nursing, animal welfare and agriculture, the case studies show that different types of evidence have been key to major steps forward in veterinary medicine.

Download Evidence-Based Medicine Matters: Our Commitment to the Future (pdf).


The commitment to evidence-based veterinary medicine:

Evidence-based veterinary medicine is key to the delivery of modern veterinary medicine.

It means veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses making clinical decisions according
to their professional judgement, based on the best available evidence at the time and what
is right for the individual animal and owner. When rigorous research underpins medical
decisions, adverse events can be minimised and patient outcomes can be improved.

Veterinary medicine faces challenges from treatments that avoid rigorous scrutiny,
as well as from managing patients with multiple and often chronic diseases. By working
towards a recognised evidence base for treatments, we give the veterinary professions
and clients the best foundation on which to base decisions.

We believe evidence-based veterinary medicine reinforces the sound scientific principles
of the profession and strengthens the commitment to put animal health and welfare
at the forefront of all we do.

Sign up to the commitment to show your support of evidence-based veterinary medicine.

The following organisations have signed up to the commitment on launch: Animal and Plant Health Agency, British Cattle Veterinary Association, British Veterinary Association, British Veterinary Nursing Association, RCVS Knowledge, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), Royal Veterinary College, University of Bristol, University of Cambridge, University of Liverpool, University of Nottingham, University of Surrey, Veterinary Policy Research Foundation.

“We are impressed by the contributions from our co-signatories, which clearly demonstrate the phenomenal impact on patient outcomes that conducting research and using evidence can have. The publication makes a strong case for much-needed funding for research to grow the evidence base, which would put powerful, robust data into the hands of veterinary professionals as they make critical decisions that can affect patient outcomes.

"It is our hope that the calibre, diversity and sheer number of the organisations putting their name to this commitment will galvanise all vets and their teams to expand their use of evidence in practice.”

Chris Gush, Executive Director, RCVS Knowledge

Make evidence part of what you do: