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Commitment to evidence-based veterinary medicine

Evidence-based veterinary medicine is key to the delivery of modern veterinary medicine.

It means veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses making clinical decisions according to their professional judgement, based on the best available evidence at the time and what is right for the individual animal and owner. When rigorous research underpins medical decisions, adverse events can be minimised and patient outcomes can be improved.

Veterinary medicine faces challenges from treatments that avoid rigorous scrutiny, as well as from managing patients with multiple and often chronic diseases. By working towards a recognised evidence base for treatments, we give the veterinary professions and clients the best foundation on which to base decisions.

We believe evidence-based veterinary medicine reinforces the sound scientific principles of the profession and strengthens the commitment to put animal health and welfare at the forefront of all we do.

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15 major UK member organisations, vet schools and policy-making bodies have affirmed their commitment to evidence-based veterinary medicine – add your support today.

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