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Thoughts on QI


Quality improvement is well-documented among a number of industries. Here are some thoughts from the veterinary community and our allied professions. Click on the button to the right if you want to join the conversation on Twitter. 

Karlien Heyrman, Vets4Pets and Companion Care

"For me, one of the most exciting aspects of QI is how it encourages us to share best practice, as well as mistakes, and how it helps to establish a cultural environment in practice where openness and honesty are actively encouraged – a ‘no-blame’ culture.”
Lizzie Lockett, CEO, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

"Continually learning and improving is vital to ensuring that the level of care the profession provides remains something to be proud of, and it’s really exciting that our charity partner is leading the way in making this mindset a reality."
Pam Mosedale, Lead Assessor PSS

"QI is about improving systems of work in your practice. It is not about blaming individuals when things go wrong.”
Paul Pollard, Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital

"QI for me is about continually improving our practice so we can be the best we can.”
Dr William Taylor, Royal College of General Practitioners

"Improving quality means I provide the best care, by focusing on the experience of care, demonstrating my clinical competence, and assuming responsibility of my standards.”
Dr Bradley Viner, Chair, QIAB

"For me, understanding the difference between competence and performance is key to QI: we operate within a complex environment and we need to work with our practice team to continually improve the effectiveness with which we deliver our services.”
Katie Waine, Centre for Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine

"It doesn’t matter which practice you work in or what your role is, QI is all about acknowledging what you do and working to make it better."