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We don't know what books will be considered unique and special enough to form the Historical Collection of the future.  But we do know that it is crucial that we continue to preserve history and create a future for the next generation of the veterinary profession!


Historical books

The RCVS Knowledge Library's Historical Collection is of national importance and exists as a result of the generous gifts and donations over the years, including significant and valuable bequests from the Army veterinary surgeon George Fleming and William Field, former RCVS president.

You can add to the Historical Collection or help us preserve it for the future generations by:

  • Adopting a book that is ready to be conserved. Contributions to our Adopt-a-Book Appeal support the conservation of individual books including rebinding, lettering and other remedial work.
  • Donating books and other items to our Donate-a-Book Appeal that will add value to the Historical Collection.
  • Donating books that will support vet practitioners tackling CPD to gain specialist knowledge and improve animal health.

Act now... and help us to preserve the Historical Collection and create a future for the next generation!