New PICO categories announced

23 March 2017

Earlier this year we updated you on the outcome of our Prioritisation Project. The PICO questions were submitted and ranked by delegates at the 2016 Veterinary Evidence Today conference, then placed on our open-access journal Veterinary Evidence to be answered as a Knowledge Summary.

We have received a great response from the veterinary community – thank you for adding to the knowledge base.

We are pleased to announce that Equine PICOs have now been added to this list!

If you’re interested in writing a Knowledge Summary on any of the PICOs, please contact us stating which PICO question you would like to work on, to be contacted with more information. You will be guided throughout each step, and our Library team will be on hand to help with any queries and to help search the literature.

Veterinary Evidence is always looking for new ways to offer relevant and essential content; to fill a recognised gap in resources we are calling for livestock PICOs to be submitted, to expand our current evidence base.

Tell us what vital evidence gaps exist in the livestock veterinary community, and what topics you’d like to see covered in Veterinary Evidence. Your questions will be added to our PICO list and answered as Knowledge Summaries.

The purpose of the PICO list is to aid potential authors in selecting a topic they know will be of interest to their peers.

Confused about the PICO format and don’t know where to start? You can submit any question in any format – we read all suggestions and can help you turn your idea into a PICO!