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23 March 2018

BSAVA Congress

Increasing care, efficiency and teamwork through evidence and quality improvement initiatives is the focus for our stream at BSAVA Congress this year. 

Held on the Friday (6th April) in the Kingston Theatre, the stream will delve into quality improvement (QI) tools like checklists, guidelines and benchmarking; the profession-wide shift towards a learning culture; and how to embed evidence-based veterinary medicine (EBVM) within practices.

"We are delighted to be bringing such an important area of discussion to everyone attending 2018’s Congress," said our Executive Director Chris Gush. "The sessions are relevant to all members of the veterinary world and the concepts are broken down nicely so that attendees can take home the knowledge with the impetus to put it into practice."

Talks come from a smorgasbord of industry experts, including Dr Bradley Viner – former President of the RCVS and author of Success in Veterinary Practice: Maximising Clinical Outcomes and Personal Wellbeing – Catherine Oxtoby of The Veterinary Defence Society, RVC Vice Principal Professor David Church and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’ CEO Lizzie Lockett.   

A particularly intriguing session during the course of the stream is the early afternoon demonstration around how practices can gauge their responsible use of antibiotics using QI monitoring and benchmarking techniques. The talk comes from Alan Radford, head of the Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network (SAVSNET), an electronic data bank that allows practices to compare themselves against their peers.

“QI and EBVM have wide-reaching potential across the entire profession, encapsulated by the session on antimicrobial awareness,” said Chris.

“With the small effects quality improvement in particular can provide, we can make big changes to veterinary medicine.”

For a full line-up of the stream, check out our event page.

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