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SPVS VMG Congress 2021


Date: Thursday 13th to Friday 14th May 2021

Venue: Virtual conference


SPVS VMG will be holding their annual congress in May 2021, which will feature engaging speakers, new topics and original formats. There will be international speakers from both the veterinary profession and beyond, and the congress will provide plenty of opportunities to interact and network. This year's programme will offer a wide variety of non-clinical sessions on business, leadership and management.

This year, Craig Bennett, The Wildlife Trust's CEO, will open the Congress on Thursday 13 May. 

All session will be recorded and made available to watch at your leisure. 

Find out more and register for the Congress through the SPVS VMG website.

RCVS Knowledge sessions:

Live Stream Sessions

Restoring the Joy: Dealing with post-Covid burnout - Jesse McCall
STREAM C, 3 pm Thursday 13th May

The world-renowned Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) partners with experts around the world to offer new thinking and resources around joy in work – to share principles and techniques that enable the workforce to truly thrive, not just persevere. These are packaged up in a practical framework for healthcare and support leaders at all levels, with an aim to reverse the worrying trend of burnout and to create positive work environments that foster equity, camaraderie, meaning, choice, and a shared commitment to deliver high-quality care.

The most joyful, productive, engaged staff feel both physically and psychologically safe, appreciate the meaning and purpose of their work, have some choice and control over their time, experience camaraderie with others at work, and perceive their work life to be fair and equitable.

There are proven methods for creating a positive work environment that creates these conditions and ensures the commitment to deliver high-quality care to patients, even in stressful times.

In this session, in a first for the veterinary profession in the UK, we will hear from Jesse McCall, who co-leads the Joy in Work Results-Oriented Learning Network at IHI, as he discusses the factors that diminish joy in work, and practical steps that teams can take to work together to nurture their workforce and address the issues that drive burnout and sap joy in work.

Jesse McCall

Jesse McCallJesse McCall, MBA, Director and Improvement Advisor at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Jesse joined IHI in 2007 and over his tenure has designed, executed, and evaluated programs and projects around the world. Currently, Jesse is the Improvement Advisor for the IHI Joy in Work Results-Oriented Learning Network. Outside of IHI Jesse is a Teaching Fellow at Harvard University, specifically on courses related to the Science of Improvement.

Jesse has expertise in program and product development, practical application of the science of improvement, human capital management, marketing and communications, customer relationship management, and large-scale initiative operations. He received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University in Boston and his MBA at the UMASS Amherst Isenberg School of Management.

How to train your team to love their jobs – Helen Silver-MacMahon
STREAM A, 10 am Thursday 13th May

Incivility in the workplace- what would you do? Stand and fight, turn and run or ignore it?  Turn and run or ignore it, every time?! Am I right? Feeling vulnerable, alone, useless, sad, tired, and like there’s no way out, it’s so much easier to turn and run or ignore incivility or poor culture in the workplace rather than address it. But maybe it’s time to change our stance, find the courage to speak up, and stay and fight for once! By creating a culture where any member of the practice team, regardless of job title or pay grade, feels empowered to speak up when they have concerns and stand up to poor or bullying behaviours, knowing they will be heard, a happier, healthy and safer team will emerge and patient outcomes are guaranteed to improve.

In this session, Helen will share case study examples and evidence to explore the role that every team member has in embedding a safe and just culture in vet practice, whether they are receptionist, nurse, new grad, practice owner or manager. She will look at how to set goals, make changes and measure the effects of those changes.

Helen Silver Mac-Mahon

Image of Helen Silver-MacMahonHelen Silver Mac-Mahon PGDip PSCHF CertVNECC DipAVN(Surg) CertSAN RVN

Helen is a Veterinary Nurse with more than 20 years of experience, she is passionate about patient safety and clinical human factors and is an RCVS Knowledge Champion for her role in the sustained training and use of a surgical safety checklist within the small animal theatre at the former Animal Health Trust. In 2018, Helen began an MSc in Patient Safety and Clinical Human Factors at the University of Edinburgh and she is currently researching situational awareness in the veterinary operating theatre.

Quality Improvement (QI):  Too important to be left to just the vets! - Pam Mosedale
STREAM B, 10 am Thursday 13th May

Who is responsible for drawing up protocols & checklists and carrying out the audits, in your practice?

These are vitally important tools for practice improvement and are a new requirement for the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme and the awards.

Putting these tools in place is one thing, but what is the point of them and how do you convince the whole team to use them?

Sometimes these QI tools are seen as purely clinical, even though their successful implementation is all about teamwork and communication.

You might be surprised how often someone is tasked with, for instance, checking the temperature of a fridge with no idea why, or even what, the correct temperature is!

This session, led by Pam Mosedale, explores the role of practice managers, nurses and the reception team in ensuring quality improvement is properly understood and embedded throughout the whole practice team.  

Pam Mosedale, QI Clinical Lead

Pam MosedalePam Mosedale BVetMed MRCVS 

QI Clinical Lead and Chair of QI Advisory Board, RCVS Knowledge

Pam is the QI Clinical Lead for RCVS Knowledge and Chair of the RCVS Knowledge Quality Improvement Advisory Board. Pam was Lead Assessor for the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme until very recently and has worked in first opinion practice for most of her career. Pam is also an SQP assessor for AMTRA; she edits the BSAVA Guide to the Use of Veterinary Medicines and organises the BSAVA Dispensing Course.

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