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What the project was about

Do you remember your first job in practice? Have you ever wondered what today’s new graduates find when they enter practice?  Well that’s what we tried to find out.

In association with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Royal Veterinary College, Society of Practicing Veterinary Surgeons, University of Bristol, University of Edinburgh, and  the Veterinary Benevolent Fund we contacted new and recent graduates to find out what issues they experienced during their first few months in practice and searched for OER to help them meet these concerns.

We then produced a report which analysed these issues and concerns, recommended relevant 'Open Educational Resources' (OER) and suggested they should be made available on a dedicated website.

What is an Open Educational Resource (OER)?

An OER is online material which is free to use, re-use and re-purpose. It can be anything from course content and journals to music and video clips. We wanted to find OER which were suitable for a new veterinary graduate and which were in accessible, easy to use formats. You can read more about OER.

We still need your help

If you have any OER or something which you think you’d like to make into an OER then you can email Clare Boulton, Project Manager, at [email protected]. We would still love to hear from you.