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Pioneers and professionals

The RCVS Knowledge, in collaboration with Imperial College London and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), is supporting a studentship entitled ‘Veterinary training and veterinary work: a female perspective, 1919-2000’.

This studentship will study women’s shifting expectations, experiences, professional networks and career trajectories, and examine how and why certain veterinary activities came to be regarded as suitable (or unsuitable) work for women.

In the course of this research Julie Hipperson (student) will catalogue the personal collections of two prominent female vets, Connie Ford and Olga Uvarov, in order to make their papers more accessible to both a veterinary and a general audience.

"This exciting project is an opportunity to use archival material held by the RCVS Knowledge Library, interview transcripts, and surveys, to describe and analyse the educational and work experiences of successive generations of female British vets.”

Clare Boulton
RCVS Knowledge Head of Library and Information Services & Collaborative Partner Supervisor