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We can send you photocopies from journals, conference proceedings, reports and books, subject to copyright law, for private study or research for a non-commercial purpose.

If the material requested is held on site we will normally process your request within two working days; and urgent requests within a couple of hours. If the material is held offsite then the request will be supplied within ten working days.

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We normally send out requests within three working days. If the item has to be obtained from our off-site storage the delivery time may be up to 2-3 weeks. Non Library members' prices are quoted in brackets.

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I declare that this is required for the purposes of non-commercial research or private study and that

(a)    I have not previously been supplied with a copy of the same material by you or any other librarian;

(b)    I will not use the copy except for research for a non-commercial purpose or private study and will not supply a copy of it to any other person: and

(c)    to the best of my knowledge no other person with whom I work or study has made or intends to make, at or about the same time as this request, a request for substantially the same material for substantially the same purpose.

I understand that if the declaration is false in a material particular the copy supplied to me by you will be an infringing copy and that I shall be liable for infringement of copyright as if I had made the copy myself.

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The RCVS Knowledge is the charity partner of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS).  By signing this form you are consenting to the use of our library services and allowing us to share your personal information with the RCVS. We will process your data for as long as we have your consent to do so. Your personal information will be used to administer payment for service charges and for service delivery. We are committed to the privacy of your personal information and will process your data in line with our privacy policy and the General Data Protection Regulations. Your personal information will not be shared with outside third parties and you have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time.