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Write and share a Knowledge Summary

If we are all asking the same questions we should all be sharing the answers we find. Knowledge Summaries can help us do that.

Interested in writing a Knowledge Summary? Pick one of our clinical queries then contact the Managing Editor stating your question. You'll then be guided through the following steps:

  • Let us know the clinical question that you would like to find an answer to by emailing us at [email protected] (this is to avoid any duplication of efforts). It is important that the question is well defined so that it is 'answerable' by the literature. Our EBVM Toolkit 1 & 2 helps you define your question and gives advice on how to conduct a thorough literature search to find the best available evidence.
  • Once you have retrieved all the relevant evidence you should then appraise each paper. You can use the checklists in the EBVM Toolkit 6-11 to do this. If you are unsure what type of study you are appraising, EBVM Toolkit 3 & 4 will help you define it.
  • The results of that appraisal and the conclusions you reach can then be written up as a Knowledge Summary and submitted to Veterinary Evidence.

Examples of published Knowledge Summaries, as well as author guidelines and submission templates,can be found on Veterinary Evidence

Intellectual Property Rights

Authors of Knowledge Summaries submitted to RCVS Knowledge for publication will retain copyright in their work, but will be required to grant to RCVS Knowledge an exclusive licence of the rights of copyright in the materials including but not limited to the right to publish, re-publish, transmit, sell, distribute and otherwise use the materials in all languages and all media throughout the world, and to licence or permit others to do so.  Authors will be required to complete a licence for publication form, and will in return retain certain rights as detailed on the form.