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What matters to you? An antidote to burnout transcript

12 September 2022

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The transcript for 'What Matters to you? An antidote to burnout'.

A session recorded during the SPVS VMG Congress on 13th May 2022.

With more demanding priorities to deliver the best possible care whilst dealing with the consequences of COVID-19 and Brexit, it's no wonder that veterinary professionals are concerned with stress and burnout within the profession. Human healthcare has seen similar challenges and various teams around the world have been using the 'Joy in work' framework to battle burnout and stay fulfilled professionally.

Angie and her team have been trialling this framework in veterinary settings, learning which steps help connect veterinary teams in meaning and purpose, with the aim of improving satisfaction and even feeling a buzz from their work. They have seen that it is not only possible, it can be a fundamental step to ensuring continued excellence in patient care and client experiences, even in these challenging times.

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