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Restoration of our first Volume of Letters, 1868 to 1877

Please join our efforts by making a donation to support this restoration and the work of our Archive. As little as £10 will make a big difference.

Book of lettersIncluding a collection of correspondence from 1868 to 1877, the Volume is a fascinating window into the veterinary profession in the late 19th century.

In these letters, we can hear the voices of vets as they write to the RCVS with their concerns and ideas, and as the battle for greater recognition of the value of veterinary expertise is fought in Britain. Each letter written to the RCVS was meticulously numbered, pasted into the volume, with an annotated summary of the contents and the reply written by the Secretary at the time.

The Volume has been severely damaged by time, and is now in urgent need of restoration.

The Volume urgently needs reinforcement of the original leather binding and spine, cleaning and repair of torn and damaged letters. We also need to create a bespoke box for safer storage and handling, to prevent further deterioration over the years to come.

By carrying out this specialist work, we’ll be able to make the Volume safely accessible to practitioners, academics, students and animal lovers for many more years to come.

Please support this restoration by donating online or completing the donation form. As little as £10 will make a big difference.

Book of lettersIncluding rare volumes dating from as far back as the sixteenth century, the RCVS Knowledge Historical Collections look after a unique, world-leading collection which tells the story of the veterinary professions, for the benefit of contemporary veterinary practice as well as society as a whole.

This preservation work is at the heart of what RCVS Knowledge does as a charity – protect and champion our history and pioneer high quality veterinary practice for the future.

You can make a regular donation to support the ongoing work of our Historical Collections and help us plan our work for the future.