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Happiness is...time with your pet

1 March 2011

From 2 April to 2 May, National Pet Month will be encouraging people to get happy and healthy spending time with their pets, with this year's theme of ‘Happiness is…time with your pet’.

During the month, thousands of people up and down the UK will be celebrating life and happy times with their pets, spreading the word on responsible pet ownership and raising money for their favourite charity in fun-filled events.

Why not be a part of this celebration and raise funds for the Trust?

Over the past five years the Trust has invested £2.7 million in vital veterinary research and education, driving improvements across animal health and welfare, both in the UK and in developing countries. 

As a result, the Trust has:

  • Invested nearly £900,000 in improving the health and well-being of dogs, cats and other popular household pets.
  • Funded over £600,000 worth of projects benefiting cattle and other farm animals.
  • Awarded grants of nearly £300,000 to improve the welfare of horses.
  • Backed studies and initiatives aimed at improving the emotional and welfare needs of veterinarians, totalling £190,000.
  • Devoted over £100,000 to research relating to zoonotic diseases and work which leads to a greater understanding of human health issues.
  • Given £10,000 to fund special equipment for assessing lameness in dogs, cats and horses.

For more details on how to join in, visit

You can sign up as a supporter of National Pet Month and receive a free events pack.

To support the Trust call 020 7202 0743.

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