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VN Review Q&A

... automatically. If not download directly . MYTHS, LEGENDS AND OTHER WORRIES Some clarification about RCVS proposals for VN training Background In late September, the RCVS released proposals for a new ...

VN Standard (August 2010) - out now

... (August 2010) - out now 11 August 2010 The August edition of VN Standard – the newsletter from the RCVS Awarding Body – is now available. It includes advice on the legal position for student veterinary ...

VN Standard

... CPD record, Trust grant news, Code reminder, Vectar progress report, new colleges, Meet the Team, RCVS Day, RCVS Awards update, events, NPL and exam myths, exam feedback, Council news. Time to pass the ...

VN Standard flies flag for VN training issues

... to keep all those involved with veterinary nurse training up to date on news and views from the RCVS Awarding Body. The VN Standard will be published three times a year and, together with veterinary ...

VN summer exam results show marked improvement

... summer exam results show marked improvement 25 August 2005 The pass rates for the RCVS Certificates in Small Animal Nursing and Equine Nursing Theory (the RCVS veterinary nursing external ...

VN Times Bursary

VN Times Bursary 2 March 2012 172kb PDF VN Times bursary. Your download should start automatically. If not download directly . THE VN TIMES EDUCATIONAL BURSARY 2011 1. A number of bursaries, to a ...

VN Week starts here!

... nurses play. The need for an increased public profile for veterinary nurses ties in with recent RCVS activity aimed at promoting the standing of the Registered Veterinary Nurse. The BVNA hopes that the ...

VNs do value the reward of helping animals back to health

... not the case. “It’s a shame that Alex gained this impression,” says Liz Branscombe, Chairman of the RCVS Veterinary Nurses Council. “In a recent survey carried out by the RCVS, when veterinary nurses were ...

VNs! Ever have a light bulb moment at work?

VNs! Ever have a light bulb moment at work? 6 October 2011 Calling veterinary nurses to take part in our Ideas Competition We all have ideas from time to time about how things at work can be done ...
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