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Historical Collection

... to enquire about donating historical material, please contact us at [email protected] RCVS Vet History In 2015, we embarked on a five year project to catalogue and digitise priority documents ...


Skip to content History We hold a unique collection of books, archives, artefacts and memorabilia which together offer an insight into the evolution of the British veterinary profession.  One of three ...

History of the veterinary profession

... to cattle and other livestock, then to dogs and now to companion and exotic animals.   Related links RCVS war memorials Pioneers and Professionals blog You might also like The Digital Collections Bringing ...

History of Veterinary Legislation in the UK

... legislation in the UK Your download should start automatically. If not download directly . RCVS Knowledge Registered Office: RCVS Knowledge | First Floor | 10 Queen Street Place | London | EC4R ...


... to content We are RCVS Knowledge We are a charity with a mission to advance the quality of care for the benefit of animals, ...

Honoria Brown - Can changes in hoof wall temperature and digital pulse pressure be used to predict laminitis onset?

... If not download directly . WWW.RCVSKNOWLEDGE.ORG [email protected] +44 20 7202 0721 RCVS KNOWLEDGE, BELGRAVIA HOUSE, 62-64 HORSEFERRY ROAD, LONDON SW1P 2AF Audio Summaries: Honoria Brown - ...

Horse pen drawing

Skip to content Horse pen drawing You might also like

Hot and sunny talk in Nottingham

Skip to content Hot and sunny talk in Nottingham 29 May 2012 The sun was blazing down on Nottingham Veterinary School for Round Three of our Careers Day tour on 22 May, and we all were wilting a ...

Hot debrief data collection form

Skip to content Hot debrief data collection form 12 May 2021 348kb PDF Stop5 or ‘Stop for 5 Minutes’ is a hot debrief framework that can be led by any member of the resuscitation team. The purpose of ...

Hot debrief poster

... poster, developed by Edinburgh Emergency Medicine, for veterinary practices in collaboration with RCVS Knowledge. Your download should start automatically. If not download directly . Thank the full team ...
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