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Secondary sources of information

Sources of synthesised evidence

  • Banfield critically appraised topics - produced by Banfield Pet Hospital
  • BestBets - developed by the Emergency Department at Manchester Royal Infirmary, reviews of the current best evidence available to answer specific clinical questions
  • BestBETs for Vets - produced by the Centre for Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine (CEVM), reviews of the current best evidence available to answer specific veterinary clinical questions
  • CINAHL Complete - from EBSCO Health, with coverage of evidence-based care sheets
  • Cochrance Library - a collection of databases that contain different types of high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making
  • Cochrane Nursing Care Field - from Cochrane, summaries of nursing care related Cochrane Reviews
  • IVIS - access to online book chapters, journals and conference proceedings (registration required)
  • NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) - provides national guidance and advice to improve health and social care, governance, policies and procedures
  • NICE Clinical knowledge summaries - summary of the current evidence base and practical guidance on best practice for common primary care problems
  • Royal College of Nursing - Europe's largest nursing-specific collection, including evidence based practice guidelines and subject guides
  • SAVSNET (Small Animal veterinary Surveillance Network) - a collaboration between the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) and the University of Liverpool
  • Veterinary Evidence - Knowledge Summaries based on the current best evidence published by RCVS Knowledge
  • VetCompass (The Veterinary Companion Animal Surveillance System) - a collaboration between The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) and the University of Sydney
  • Zoonoses and veterinary public health - from the World Health Organization, news and information resources on zoonotic diseases


Links to Primary sources of information

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