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RCVS Knowledge is a charity that supports thousands of dedicated vets and vet nurses to deliver high-quality care to millions of animals around the world. We provide veterinary professionals with knowledge and skills that help them save and improve the lives of all kinds of animals, using the latest and most reliable techniques.

We do this by providing free tools, resources and education; so that vets and vet nurses have the best available evidence to hand when they make decisions that can save and improve animals’ lives.

As a small charity with a big responsibility, we rely on donations to help us help veterinary professionals improve the care animals receive. If you are an animal owner or veterinary professional, the work we do matters to you.

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The resources provided by RCVS Knowledge have been amazing as they are so clear and easy to follow. In addition, the team at RCVS Knowledge have been incredibly helpful when I've needed further clarification and advice.

Louise Northway, CertVNECC NCert(Anaesth) Registered Veterinary Nurse

Ways to support RCVS Knowledge

There are many different ways you can support us, and many ways that we can support you. Examples of voluntary roles with RCVS Knowledge include:

  • championing our Quality Improvement campaign
  • transcribing with our Digital Collections
  • joining the inFOCUS clinical review team.

We are very grateful to our supporters who donate time, money or clinical expertise to help us advance the quality of veterinary care for the benefit of animals, the public, and society.

If you would like to speak with us about donating your time or clinical expertise, please get in touch.


Louise Northway

Where your money goes

We put the latest, reliable information into the hands of busy veterinary professionals, to help them to treat serious and challenging illnesses every day.

Our work supports veterinary educators and researchers to strengthen the knowledge passed on to the next generation of veterinary surgeons and nurses, and to deepen their understanding of the profession.

I think of the Library team as ‘invisible’ members of ours – helping us to give the best care to our patients!

Sheila Holford, BVSc MRCVS


Simple access to research

We open up access to scientific research on all areas of animal health, so that veterinary surgeons and nurses can make decisions about animal care based on the best available evidence.

  • Veterinary Evidence: our groundbreaking online open-access journal provides new research on the best ways to handle a wide range of conditions.
  • inFOCUS: we select and summarise the latest research with the potential to impact animal care from more than 100 journals to help busy veterinary professionals stay up to date.
  • Library and Information Service: we provide the only comprehensive veterinary library available to all qualified veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses in the UK, and give our members detailed support on finding the information they need.


Knowledge Summaries have certainly changed the way I practice. They have encouraged me to be more self-reflective in my daily practice and also taught me to challenge the norm.                      

  Adam Swallow, BVSc MRCVS


Quality improvement resources

We offer a range of free resources to help vets and their teams to carry out the highest quality of work that they can:

  • Templates and case examples for creating guidelines, checklists, audits and more.
  • Data to help practices to review the surgery they perform on cats, dogs and other small animals.
  • Courses, commentaries and podcasts on how to make care consistently better using quality improvement techniques.


I knew I wanted to complete a clinical audit to assess our effectiveness in managing pain post-operatively. The Quality Improvement resources really helped me with this, specifically the use of the 'Clinical Audit Template' in the planning stages of the clinical audit and how to review these effectively.

Sara Hillyer, BVSc BSc(Hons) MRCVS 


Historical Collections

We offer a unique collection of digitised and print historical materials, so that vets, vet nurses, researchers and others to learn about and from the profession’s past:

archive content

  • We have created the largest digitised collection of historical veterinary material globally, enabling anyone around the world to enrich their studies or knowledge for free.
  • We preserve rare and beautiful books, letters, artwork and other artefacts on behalf of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, including works by all the major 
    veterinary authors in the past 500 years.
  • We protect and enrich veterinary heritage by welcoming records from all kinds of veterinary practices into our digital collections for the benefit of historians and the broader public.


The quality is excellent and easily navigable, as well as being very interesting. I'm reassured to know that the digitisation of these texts has preserved them for the future.



Why donate?

As a charity, we rely on donations to help us support as many vets and vet nurses as possible to make improvements to the care that pets and other animals receive, every day.

Your donation – no matter how large or small – will enable us to continue to provide/expand our resources that ensure vets, vet nurses and veterinary educators have access to the full history and latest scientific evidence when they make critical decisions about how to treat and care for sick animals.

If you are an animal owner, this means that your pets will be treated and cared for based upon the best available evidence, advancing the quality of patient care.

If you are a vet, our work will support you to put animal health and welfare at the forefront of your practice, by providing the scientific grounds on which to base decisions.

Without donations, we cannot continue to provide access to our wide range of resources, including our courses, events, educational materials, publications, archives and more. Help us to ensure that evidence continues to play its important role in veterinary medicine.


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