Why QI?

Why QI?

Quality improvement (QI) is well established within many industries – most notably human health – and as such its benefits across a number of clinical and non-clinical scenarios are well-documented.

It is about supporting effective, patient- and client-centred care by implementing systematic, measurable approaches to advance high quality practice.

QI initiatives are largely missing within the veterinary profession. As with any new introduction to a profession, guidance needs to be sought from elsewhere – previous adopters if possible. Thankfully, there are plenty to choose from. 

Why you?

Quality improvement is something everyone can benefit from – not just veterinary teams, but animal owners too, and of course, their pets.

Successful implementation of QI can reduce avoidable errors, ensures practice is based on the best available evidence and, ultimately, saves lives.

But that only scrapes the surface of what successful QI can provide. With an increase in efficiency comes a decrease in business costs, the confidence that we are acting on the best available evidence and, subsequently, an improvement in our mental wellbeing. 

Why us?

RCVS Knowledge’s Quality Improvement Project aims to facilitate the implementation of QI in a manner that supports clinical decision making.

We are currently working with veterinary teams to identify the resources needed by the industry, and to encourage the continuous improvement of quality throughout the entire veterinary practice.

Together, we have already developed practical tools that can be used at the point of care. With your help we will continue to create and provide step-by-step guides, training materials and downloadable templates, free and accessible to everyone, whether you’re a quality improvement expert or QI beginner.

"There is great opportunity... to learn from the experiences of others in introducing QI to [the veterinary profession]." Dr Bill Taylor, Royal College of General Practitioners