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QI Discovery and Coaching: Helping you improve patient care

Do you want to improve the quality of care and efficiency in your practice but don’t know where to start?  

Would you like someone to guide you through your improvement journey?  

Whether you want to improve patient outcomes, increase efficiencies, or even improve cultural aspects within your team, you may benefit from our supportive, friendly, and inspiring QI Discovery and Coaching service. 

This service is tailored to your team’s individual needs and challenges, using real data from your practice to make improvements and produce tangible results. If you’re looking to bring positive changes to your busy veterinary practice, we are here to help. 

How does it work?

We provide a coaching service that includes: 

  • An observational audit at your practice by a veterinary professional specialising in Quality Improvement (QI), Patient Safety, and Human Factors.
  • A confidential written report outlining practical insights on areas where you are excelling, guidance for areas you can improve on, as well as actionable next steps to take. 
  • Ongoing remote coaching support that helps you put this guidance into action.

Why should I book? 

Booking with one of our experts will provide you with expert guidance to: 

  • Analyse the effectiveness of your current QI, Patient Safety, and Human Factors processes. 
  • Understand how psychological safety and civility can enhance your team culture. 
  • Start celebrating your strengths. 
  • Get an action plan in place to kickstart a journey of continuous improvement. 
  • Give you confidence in making improvements in future with ongoing remote support. 

We will be flexible around your schedule, and arrange to visit at a time that works for you within daytime working hours. 

Book a discovery call

If you would like to find out more about QI Discovery and Coaching, book a call with Helen Silver-MacMahon.

Book a call


Need more information?

You can download a document with more information about the service here [PDF 145KB].

QI Discovery and Coaching sessions will be run by Helen Silver-MacMahon.

Find out more about Helen here.

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