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Donate-a-Book appeal

Book donations and giftsOriginally, the RCVS Knowledge Library started as a random collection of donated and bequeathed books and texts given by vets and members of the public.

Later on, cash gifts became more usual as a way of supporting the ongoing acquisition of the best and most prized veterinary texts. 

To maintain the breadth and quality of our collection we cannot rely on getting sufficient income from library membership fees and services, we will always need individuals to lend their active and generous support.

How you can help

It's relatively easy to do and makes a huge difference to the range of our collection.  You can help us maintain the breadth of our collection by giving a book to the Library in the following ways:

  • If you are a veterinary author, you can donate copies of your work to the RCVS Knowledge Library. This helps to ensure that the work reaches a very wide audience and continues to be available to the profession over a number of years.
  • You can give a cash gift and allow us to buy a book from our Wish List selection on your behalf.
  • You can buy a book from our Wish List on Amazon and it will be delivered to us directly.

By contributing to the Donate-a-Book Appeal you will be adding value to the Historical Collection, or supporting vet practitioners tackling CPD to gain specialist knowledge and improve animal health. All contributions are welcome and will be acknowledged.

If you wish to discuss the choice of books further, please contact our Head of Library and Information Services, Clare Boulton, at [email protected] or call 020 7202 0710.