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Clinical queries

Don’t have time to write a Knowledge Summary but want to help add to the evidence-base? Then submit a clinical query.

This form allows you to submit a clinical query to Veterinary Evidence, where it will be checked and added to our online list of clinical queries for other members of the veterinary community to answer as a Knowledge Summary.

Follow these four steps:
  1. View the list of common conditions by species here: Common conditions question bank
  2. Refer to the 'checklist of information needs' document at the bottom of the page to help you identify and inform your clinical query
  3. Write your clinical query using the PICO method. See 'How to write a PICO' below 
  4. Submit your clinical query (PICO) by writing it in the appropriate tab and column in the Common conditions question bank (Google doc). It will save automatically and be viewable to everyone accessing the document. Alternatively, you can email it to the Managing Editor stating the species, common condition and sub category:

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Your clinical query

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e.g. Reduce the risk of mammary tumours

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If you would like more guidance or would like to discuss your clinical query before submitting you can contact us.

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By completing this form, you are providing consent for us to contact you about the clinical query you have submitted. We will process your data for as long as we have your consent to do so. We are committed to the privacy of your personal information and will process your data in line with our privacy policy and the General Data Protection Regulations. Your personal information will not be shared with any third parties and you have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time.