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You may have encountered a scenario in practice where you are unsure of the evidence. An example might be where a client says they have heard that neutering bitches reduces the risk of mammary tumours and asks you if there is any evidence to back up this claim.

In order to find the evidence surrounding this claim and make it easier for your clinical query to be answered, we need to first turn it into an answerable question. 

To do so we use the PICO method:

P – Patient or Population

I – Intervention(s)

C – Comparison

O – Outcome

Using the above scenario an example PICO framework would be:

Patient or Population

adult bitches






mammary tumours


This can now be written out as the below answerable question:

In adult bitches does neutering versus non-neutering reduce the risk of mammary tumours?

PICO questions need to be specific and focused. A well-formed question will help ensure all of the relevant articles are found and will reduce the chance of leaving anything important out. It will also make it relatively straightforward to identify appropriate search terms and to combine them in the search strategy.

Here is another example:

Patient or Population



chlorhexidine and alcohol


Alcohol alone


Greater antimicrobial action


In cats undergoing catheter placement does the use of chlorhexidine and alcohol have greater antimicrobial action than alcohol alone?

Reference: EBVM Toolkit1: Asking an answerable clinical question

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e.g: In adult bitches does neutering versus non-neutering reduce the risk of mammary tumours?


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