Knowledge Groups

A Knowledge Group is a partnership between experts on a specific area of veterinary care.  The primary aim of a Knowledge Group is to create Knowledge Summaries (critically appraised topics), and to prioritise and develop evidence-based resources and research projects within their chosen area.


What's the point of the Knowledge Groups?

The ultimate goal of a Knowledge Group is to summarise and review evidence that is of direct use to veterinary healthcare teams, in order to:

  • Ensure that veterinary treatments do more good than harm;
  • Identify gaps in knowledge;
  • Strive to bridge those gaps through sound research; and
  • Contribute to good evidence becoming an integral part of the cultural approach to veterinary healthcare
  • Write Knowledge Summaries and submit to Veterinary Evidence.


Sign up for a Knowledge Group - and specify the subject, species or health condition for which you are particularly interested in reviewing the evidence. Are you ready to take the lead and nominate yourself (or a colleague) as an interim Chair? Learn more about how you can get involved.