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Conference posters

EBVM poster reception 

EBVM 2014 featured 30 poster presentations from all over the world. RCVS Knowledge offered five prizes for "Best Poster", as voted for by the conference delegates. 

  1. Decision-making in veterinary practice [Poster PDF 183 KB]
  2. A literature evaluation form supports critical reading [Poster PDF 474 KB]
  3. Publication of scientific results in German speaking countries: results of a survey [Poster PDF 1855 KB]
  4. The hypo-osmotic swelling test: a systematic review of test characteristics [Poster PDF 165 KB]
  5. EBVM posterAwaken interest in EBVM by means of teaching nonsense [Poster PDF 1829 KB] 1st Prize
  6. How reliable is the often recommended measurement of the drop of body temperature for prediction of parturition in bitches? [Poster PDF 2208 KB]
  7. Motivation of senior veterinary students during a clinical rotation at a veterinary teaching hospital [Poster PDF 109 KB]
  8. Integrating systematic reviews with epidemiological studies of equine laminitis to deliver evidence-based benefits in clinical veterinary practice [Poster PDF 980 KB]
  9. Accelerometers as a non-invasive method for detecting lameness in weaned piglets [Poster PDF 518 KB]
  10. A quantitative analysis of the caseload in first opinion veterinary practice in Germany [Poster PDF 5188 KB]
  11. Incidence of breed standard related disorders and inheritable diseases in populations of companion animals: risk differences in disease occurrence for three canine and one feline pedigree [Poster PDF 345 KB]
  12. Is there sufficient evidence to justify tail docking in working breeds of dog in Scotland [Poster PDF 995 KB] 4th Prize
  13. Exposing pedigree dogs with disorder prevalence evidence [Poster PDF 1249 KB] 2nd Prize
  14. Most common canine breeds presenting with dystocia to a first opinion emergency service in the UK [Poster PDF 1845 KB] 5th prize
  15. The epidemiology of degenerative mitral valve disease in dogs attending UK practices [Poster PDF 831 KB]
  16. Looking at evidence about veterinary medicines with independent eyes [Poster PDF 3 MB]
  17. Starting an evidence-based journal club for veterinary technicians [Poster PDF 3699 KB]
  18. A scoping review of the evidence for efficacy of acupuncture in companion animals [Poster PDF 253 KB]
  19. An illustration of the paradigm of homeopathy through four canine cases of high blood pressure successfully treated using this technique [Poster PDF 785 KB]
  20. The effect of parasite burden on faecally excreted albumin [Poster PDF 1210 KB]
  21. In horses with pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction and laminitis, does treatment with pergolide mesylate improve the clinical signs of laminitis? [Poster PDF 1072 KB]
  22. The effect of the full moon on seizure caseload presenting to emergency clinics [Poster PDF 1520 KB] 3rd Prize
  23. Introducing students to EBVM [Poster PDF 754 KB]
  24. Systematic reviews, meta-analysis and one health [Poster PDF 381 KB]
  25. Treatment in canine epilepsy: a systematic review [Poster PDF 687 KB]
  26. Use of electronic patient record (EPR) data to describe initial prescribing practices of UK primary-care veterinary practitioners diagnosing canine pyoderma [Poster PDF 681 KB]
  27. A systematic review of available evidence for the effectiveness of systemic antimicrobial treatment in dogs with superficial and deep pyoderma [Poster PDF 854 KB]
  28. Global evidence-based survey of the veterinary profession: information channels and sources used by veterinary clinicians [Poster PDF 1450 KB]
  29. Measuring the customer experience in practice [Poster PDF 1813 KB]
  30. Quantifying practice performance [Poster PDF 7696 KB]
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